15 Things That Happen When A Narcissist Sees You've Moved On Without Him (2023)

They have stopped looking or left arelationship with a narcissist? Bon Voyage!

But if a narcissist sees you with someone else and knows you're over it, that person won't like you one bit.

What does a narcissist do and what might they do when they see that you have changed?

Let's find out so you can prepare and save.

15 Things That Happen When A Narcissist Sees You With Someone Else

Ending a relationship with a narcissistIt's not something they're used to, so don't expect everything to work out when you're gone.

Even if you move on with your life, things don't work out so easily with your narcissistic ex.

You would tend to feel and do these things:

1) They will want you back

Narcissists tend to use their powers to get you back. Not because they love you, but because they are hurt.

They want to win, control, and perpetuate their false self-image.

When they realize they can no longer control you, you become a threat.

Therefore, they will take desperate measures to win you back and rebuild their image so they can have the last laugh. They can be more manipulative, be nicer to you, or take aggressive action.

And they would even use love bombs to win you back.

2) You will react violently

Narcissists think they are always entitled to your love and support. You belong to him and nobody else.

They will be angry that you cheated on him. Then, when they see that you've moved on with your life without them, they'll feel robbed of something he believes is theirs.

Be aware that they may react violently and verbally abuse you. They might even try to hurt themselves to get your sympathy.

3) You will play the victim

IfnarcissistsIf you see that they have no control over you, they are probably playing the victim.

They would manipulate you to get close to you again. He may also ask for your company because he feels lonely and sad.

But the truth is, they will make it so that no one else can love you or do the things they have done for you before.

4) You will be jealous

This shouldn't come as a surprise.

For narcissists, their self-worth is often tied to their relationship with them. When they see you dating someone else, they feel threatened and extremely jealous.

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They might call you or send you those passive-aggressive text messages, and that might make you consider the chances of you getting back together.

So you have to make it clear that things are over, but don't rub anything into it to avoid a reaction triggering your end.

5) You will be vengeful

Narcissists don't move on without a fight. You'll likely pull out an arsenal ofrevenge tacticwhen they see you dating someone else.

After breaking up with your narcissistic ex, you can see they will run to your inner circle. They will likely comment on how you treated her, how you destroyed her self-esteem, or how unfaithful you were.

They'll likely have an Oscar-winning performance to keep their reputation intact. Some friends and people you know might even fall for your narcissistic ex's words.

The next thing you know your life will be bombarded with texts and calls from everyone wanting to know why you were so unfair to them.your narcissistic ex.

6) They won't believe you moved

narcissistsThey are sure that nobody will leave them. So when they find out that you are dating and dating someone else, they will doubt it.

Your narcissistic ex believes and would be convinced that you are still in love with him and that the person you are dating is nothing more than a friend.

They would do anything to show you that you couldn't go on without them.

To prove it, they will keep calling you, appearing where you are and even calling the police to get your attention.

7) You will be more possessive

Someone with a narcissistic personality tends to be dominant.

You've probably seen how they control what you do, where you go, or who you spend time with.

While the past may have made you feel special, this is itpossessivenessit had become difficult.

If your narcissistic ex sees you with someone, they will not understand that you can live your life without them. You can write excessively or do things you didn't even expect to be possible.

So make them understand that you are no longer a part of each other's lives. But be prepared for his reaction as his possessiveness can turn violent.

8) They will try to sabotage your new relationship

In accordance withWendy Behary, LCSW,Narcissists, who are experts on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), don't take rejection well — they feel hurt when they see their ex dating other people.

They would consciously try to play other people off against each other. And they do this with their new relationship to get you back.

They would use any tactic and do whatever it takes to ruin your luck andMamelukeyour potential relationships.

Be careful as they would resort to:

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  • Telling lies and spreading gossip about the person you are dating.
  • Suggesting that something is wrong with your partner
  • That way you think less about the person who is leaving
  • Confronting you and the person you are dating

Again, be careful with this one.

Since narcissists can't stand it when their ex-boyfriends move on, do whatever you can to avoid being manipulated.

9) They become more manipulative

As they are usually quite charming andManipulator, they might try to cause trouble between the two of you.

There is a chance that he will turn his new partner against you. I would even try to keep it with you.

Be careful when your narcissistic ex befriends your potential partner. It can make you look bad in the eyes of the person you are dating.

Narcissists will use whatever they have to destroy their potential relationship.

The closer you are to overcoming them, the more manipulative they become. They would make you feel guilty or threaten you with things that could ruin your image.

It might even reveal any secrets you have!

10) They will act weird and crazy

The problem is that narcissists are incredibly unpredictable and hide a maze of tricks. And when they see you dating someone else, their personality comes out.

They become more clingy as if they are the most important person in your life.

They don't care how crazy they've gotten, sometimes this behavior can be extreme.

Be careful with these actions:

  • You canhunt youto get your attention
  • They can accuse you of cheating on them.
  • You could make a scene in front of the person you are looking at.

So don't let her do it. Instead, ignore it as best you can.

11) They would withdraw their promise of change

When your narcissistic ex sees you dating someone else, they use future cheating to control you.

He seems to take responsibility for his behavior. Your narcissistic ex may make amends or promise to fix your problems.

Expect gifts from them that express their undying love for you. It might even remind you how good your relationship with him was.

You might even say how sorry you are, a promise that you'll go to therapy, or do things your way.

You might be inclined to think your ex would be a better person since he seems serious, but no.

the truth is he isthat you feel guilty.

(Video) What Happens When a Narcissist Knows You Figured Them Out?

So instead of listening and believing their false promises, focus on your new relationship.

12) They will use social attacks and gossip

If your narcissistic ex knows you moved on without him, he may be trying to destroy your new relationship.

As soon as he can, he will tell people that the person you are looking at is not good enough for you.

Be careful as you could spread false information to ruin your name and potential relationship.

He would even use gossip to gain the sympathy of the people you meet. And he does this to get you under his control or to get back in touch with you.

Narcissists want other people to know that they are better than others, and they will go to great lengths to prove it.

If you know this is already happening, talk to the people closest to you.

13) They will follow you on all platforms

Narcissists cannot accept thatrejectionand they see it as a personal attraction to your character.

Even after a long timeMameluke, they can't accept the fact that you're moving on.

Now that you are dating someone else, your narcissistic ex would act like a predator.

He would even do anything to know your whereabouts, your plans, and your activities. It could track your every move and even that of your potential partner.

Don't be alarmed if you see him at the store you're shopping at or while having dinner with the person you're dating.

Be very careful.

It could be apps monitoring you or even hiring a private detective to track you down.

14) You will feel hurt and angry

Narcissists are clingy and can be jealous, sad and hurt because you are with someone else.

Nothing hurts them more than knowing that you no longer care and that they no longer have any control over you.

Seeing you happy with another person is like salt on their wounds.

And that's because they respond to feelings of shame when their insecurities surface.

This can even trigger intense feelings of anger that they may not be able to control. So make sure you are not on the receiving endthey can become violent.

15) They will act like they don't mind

This is probably one of the best scenarios that you won't notice.

(Video) When A Narcissist Targets You Again After They Completely Discard You, This Is What They Do. | NPD |

When your narcissistic ex sees you dating someone else, they are not showing that they were affected.

You can act vigorously. They will act like they don't care about your life and your new relationship.

But the truth is that they are suffering a lot and cannot think of you with another person.

They may get annoyed that the person you are dating is better than them.

Remember there will be a time when your emotions and behavior will begin to resolve.

How to save yourself from a narcissistic ex?

Remember that narcissism is a personality disorder. They won't let you go without a fight.

Don't worry, there are ways to save yourself from your narcissistic ex.

  • stop questioning yourself
  • Always keep zero contact, no exceptions
  • Get to work on managing your anxiety
  • Never blame yourself for what happens
  • practice and concentrateself love
  • Ignore your attempts at redemption

Here's the thing:

You deserve all the peace and happiness that life has to offer.

So you have to work on putting yourself first andIncrease in your self-esteem.

It's time to focus on yourself, your new relationship and the happiness that comes with it!

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