17 Humble the Poet Quotes About Comparing Yourself To Others (2023)

Change: Comparison is a crutch. These 17 Humble the Poet quotes about comparing yourself to others will show you why (and how to stop).

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Introduction: Comparison is a crutch.

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.As Humble mentions in the following quotes, you will find people who have more money; who has the prettiest bodies; who is more popular; they are smarter than you. What you can't do when you meet them is compare where you are on your journey to where they are on theirs.

As tempting as it may be, the comparison mindset will do the trick.AlwaysBe brief because all the people you meetAlwayshave something you don't have. And if you get through enough interactions, you'll feel like everyone is better than you, or worse, not worthy or good enough, and that's just not true.

Humble explains that"Everyone you meet will always have something you don't have."This means that at the same timeOfthere is something that everyone knowsNohave. However, it is not so important to recognize what it is, but to learn how to grow and care for it so that you can cultivate it in the best possible way.Because?Because trying to figure out what you have that everyone you know doesn't has leads you right back into the comparison process you're trying to avoid!

You'll find some things are better for you and some things are better for you, but who cares? You cannot control another person's ability, potential, or innate talent. They cannot control how they choose to cultivate these innate traits. You cannot take away their education, learn the lessons they learned, or understand the concepts they learned.To beThese are the things that no one else can teach us, and these are the things that we can only learn by living our own lives.

It's time to focus on you.It's time to stop comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to who you were yesterday should be the only basis of comparison that moves you forward each day. It is true that although it seems simple, it is quite difficult. You need to be awake and aware of the content you consume on social media, the ads you see in the media you consume, and the people you surround yourself with and how they interact with you.

These three components are pillars of almost all of our lives and we must learn to not only compare ourselves with what we see (or rather, with what we are bombarded with), but more importantly, we must be aware that we can see what we are. comparing somehow! Most of the time, a comparison occurs without our conscious thought:we see, we like, we look at each other, we look back at what we see, we look back at each other, feelings unfold, too late. It happens so fast that most of us don't even realize it's happening. You need to either rule out as many different sources of comparison as possible, or learn to pay more attention to what your mind is doing during these media and social interactions.

My suggestion to you is to start tripling your strengths and developing valuable skills. Things like writing, drawing, singing, public speaking, playing instruments, computer programming, photography, application design, video creation, construction, business creation, etc., the process is easy.Improve 1% every dayand keep your blinders on so you don't get distracted on the road.

Don't look at what others do; don't let people make you feel bad about where you are; Don't let people's praise stop you from improving.1% every day.This is the plan; this is the formula; thats the secret; this is the manifesto. And FORGET where everyone else is on your journey. Forget! Period. It does not matter. This will only distract you from his progress. And what's worse is that it might frustrate you enough to stop. ANDthe only time you should stopit's because you've changed your mind about your top priorities. Good luck, stay focused, keep your blinders on, and keep going!

The List: The Poet's 17 Humble Quotes On Comparing Yourself (And How To Stop)

Below is our full list of Humble the Poet quotes on comparing yourself to others and how to stop yourself. This list was specially selected from Humble's book,Things no one else can teach us, and takes a focused look at a pervasive problem in the world today. It's a theme that Humble woven throughout his book and one that he keeps coming back to (as you can see in the page references after each quote below).

I hope that by merging some of the main ideas into a seamless flow for you, you can get the message across and leave this post feeling good about yourself, where you are on your journey, and how you can move forward without the crutches of comparison. Let us know what you think in the comments section below and I'll pass it on to Humble to take care of here! Leverage :)

"We see ourselves in the stories of others and we can free ourselves by writing the story of our own lives."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 5)

When things got tough for me, I naturally presented myself as a victim., hoping to get some attention and compassion from others, and it worked. What I didn't know was that other people couldn't take much before my energy ran out. We all have friends who act like Eeyore, constantly moping and complaining about how the universe is conspiring against them, and over time we find that we don't hang out with them as much as we want to. It just reinforces the belief that they are alone and makes them redouble their self-blame.”

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 219)

Self-pity is a tricky thing– an addiction like any other that many times arises from our need to connect and connect with something or someone. When we feel sorry for ourselves, we decide that nobody understands us, and this allows us to create a momentary connection with... drums... ourselves. It's one of the most comfortable ways to feel a connection: finding a reason to feel sorry for ourselves."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(page 230)

I compared myself to everyone I met.If I make music and I meet a rich stockbroker, my mind asks me, "Why don't you sell stocks?" When money gets better, but I know someone with a good body, I ask, "Why don't you spend more time?" At the gym?" I would identify all the gaps in my life based on the people I encountered. It's a dangerous thing because everyone we meet will always have something that we don't have."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 121)

“We judge people because it's easier than we should be doing: trying to understand them.When we understand, we are less reactive and more compassionate.Trying to understand someone or something takes a lot more effort than judging, but it's much more rewarding in the long run."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 163)

Power and guilt go hand in hand. Therefore, if we want to find the power to improve our situation, we must take responsibility, no matter how dirty others have soiled us.Taking the time to see how we are contributing to our unhappy circumstances is the first step in turning things around. Comparing ourselves to others and spending an inordinate amount of time on social media only fuels our self-pity, and the more aware we are of these triggers, the better off we'll be. Pointing fingers and taking offense is also the language of self-abuse, and we must recognize when it becomes a habit that we cannot fight. The key to dealing with a lot of the bullshit life throws at us is self-sufficiency, which means finding ways to admit the bullshit even when there are plenty of other people who should share the blame."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 220)

“Sometimes we say little things to someone and they lose their minds. It's not because they're crazy, it's because what we said was the straw that broke the camel's back.People run accumulating moments of stress and, if they are not solved, the stress will accumulate until they are pushed to their limits, and then Kaboom!We all have our own stories of how we reached our breaking point and left it to the wrong person. These experiences, unfortunate as they are, also allow us to find compassion when it happens to others.”

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 225)

“As adults, we not only need to empathize with the people we have harmed; we must also sympathize with those who hurt us. That means we have to put judgment aside and focus more on understanding as much as possible."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 185)

Social media is a playground for our insecurities and self-pity.This not only makes us feel like we're not enough, it lowers our confidence and encourages us to attack in uninspiring ways. I don't want to feel insignificant compared to others and I don't want to put others down to make myself feel better, so I've taken it upon myself to reduce my exposure to these highly addictive triggers."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 225)

"Reducing my use of social media made me more aware of how addicted I was to the microgratification it provides and reduced the number of times I hit myself. I no longer fell down the rabbit hole of carefully selected submissions from other people about their lives and then compared these performances to myself, at least not as often as before.I immediately felt better.

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 225)

"I decided that if someone wasn't helping me get to where I needed to be, that person was probably holding me back. I didn't make any proclamations or write a Dear John letter to anyone in an attempt to free myself from their damaging clutches. I didn't say anything to nobody;I just stopped getting involved with people I thought were holding me back.instead of helping myself and I started to focus more on myself.”

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 16)

“Look inside yourself and try to discover the big stress that is attracting all the little stresses like a magnet to feed your volcano. When we attend to the big ones, the little ones can slip off our shoulders instead of becoming something they don't need to be. If something small bothers you more than usual, it could be a sign that the big is not far behind. Find a quiet place, get comfortable, and ask the nagging question:"Or that it really irritates me?"Whatever it is, it's important to be an archaeologist and dig to find out what's down there. You will quickly realize that the problems are multi-layered and many of them are not connected to other people's names. This practice of digging deeper and removing layers is important because it helps us find the root of many of our problems, which often have to do with fear.”

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 252)

"You can't be yourself if you don't know who you are. So how do you know who you are? Everyone is a sticky hitter by nature and upbringing, and every time shit hits the fan in our lives, we get a chance to meet each other." a little better. It's an exhausting but rewarding experience.We know ourselves through all of our interactions with the world, both good and bad.. So in everything you do, think about how it shapes who you are, and think about who you are and what shapes your experience in everything you do."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 57)

The more we delve into our own stories, the more we feel like we're going through this alone.But I'm here to remind you that while we all have to do the work ourselves, you're not alone. The deeper we dive, the more beauty we can discover. No one else shares our unique experiences, and therefore no one can show us the light at the end of the tunnels we dig; It remains for us to share our stories and remember that we already have everything we need to find that light. These are the things that no one else can teach us.”

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 6)

“Loneliness is quickly overcome when we develop the most important relationship of our life: with ourselves. Leaving the herd and stepping away from the script may reduce the number of people around us and limit the number of activities we engage in with other people, but it doesn't save years of spinning our wheels and finding no satisfaction in a cookie-cutter life. People take the red pill every day and accept the inconvenience that comes from deviating from the norm. Spend time with other people who dedicate their lives to finding out. it will only increase the distance you can travel on your journey.We are a vast and infinite universe.

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 87)

"We are not victims of life, we arethey areLife. We have power over our efforts, which gives us the power to adjust our sails depending on the direction of the wind. Self-pity serves as a barrier to these candles, placing us on a one-way street.Our problems may not be our fault, but they are definitely our responsibility.So ask yourself how excessive self-pity and compassion-seeking help with this responsibility. The more we use our power to transform our days, the more tools we will find to help us.”

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 261)

"Decisions we can't make with confidence will eventually be made for us."

humble the poet,Things no one else can teach us(Page 56)

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