33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (2023)

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards

A deck skirting board is part of the overall deck design. It adds to the aesthetics and sturdiness of the deck by keeping unwanted critters out.

There are a variety of baseboard options to choose from and making the right choice depends on your preferences and the intended purpose of the baseboard. We've compiled a list of the best deck molding ideas that are relatively inexpensive and easy to install!

Materials used for deck bases

Before you do anything else, the first step in this process is to determine the purpose of your patio baseboards. Whether you want to intentionally hide the animals underneath, hide the unsightly underside, create storage space, or simply add another design element, the materials used will be different. Installing baseboards is a fairly easy task, even for a novice DIY enthusiast. Consider whether you can do this yourself or whether you need to call in a professional.

The most common materials for deck molding are:

  • solid wood
  • Holzgitter
  • fake stone
  • Composite materials
  • brick
  • Metal
  • plants and shrubs

Lower Deck Baseboard Ideas

Depending on the space available, the lower deck is an ideal area for a variety of uses. A great way to use this space is to convert it into an outdoor storage space for items like pool supplies, patio furniture, lawn mowers, or items that don't fit in the garage!

You can choose regular siding that blends in with the rest of your home or use a trellis design for extra airflow. If the area is large enough, you can add a small garage door to match the wood used for the deck planks and railing.

If you intend to store items below deck that are not watertight, install adeck drainage systemand a lower deck roof under the deck planks. Otherwise, rainwater will seep into your storage space through cracks in your decking. If moisture is trapped, it can lead to mold and rot. Then check out this guideCovered ceiling ideas!

Half-timbered roof base

The lattice deck pedestal is probably the most common and is constructed with lattice panels. The classic trellis for patio skirting boards is made of wood, plastic or aluminum. The price of wooden trellis tends to vary depending on the type of wood used, and while it's sometimes cheaper than plastic, it's always less durable.

You can purchase prefabricated truss panels at a hardware store or order custom-sized panels for your needs through a direct seller. The trellis style depends on the design look you want. Grid panels are available as square cells (horizontal and vertical lines) or diamond cells (diagonal lines). The amount of space in each cell also determines whether an animal can enter the area.

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Wood Lattice Skirting Ideas

The classic wooden truss design is timeless, easy to assemble and affordable. Using a frameless diamond lattice pattern on a wooden deck is a great option. You can match the wood species to your decking or stain the untreated wood. This design is cohesive, simple, and fits on a budget.

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Another great use of wood trellis to emphasize deck structure is in trellis and square cell frames. The wood blends seamlessly into the design of the space, even complementing the wood used for the railings and deck planks.

Black vinyl mesh skirting board ideas

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (3)Using a black vinyl trellis underneath is one way to make your patio stand out with a baseboard. Like its commonly used counterpart, the white trellis, it contrasts starkly with the other design colors and allows for interesting combinations. It is also very easy to install and requires little maintenance.

This wraparound porch uses black vinyl to offset the bright white and muted grays and browns of the existing structure. Instead of drawing attention, it blends into the space below and blends into the home's window frames.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (4)This layout uses a more complex grid that doesn't follow the traditional cell format. It's also frameless on the underside, so the space underneath is almost entirely visible. This grid pairs well with the deck's black railings, adding a layer of intricate design that acts as a subtle touch.

Decking Ideas for Decking in Irregular Outdoors

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (5)If the area where your patio sits has a slight slope or angle, a trellis might be the best option for the base. You can easily trim the bottom of your trellis to match the plane where it meets the ground. For example, this platform uses a white-framed trellis to match the downward-sloping floor and has an entry door installed underneath for access.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (6)Another great solution uses stone bricks. Although closer to the ground and taking up less space, this patio blends beautifully with the rest of the home, allowing for a seamless transition between the patio and the backyard.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (7)You can also use wooden planks to level an uneven floor surface. The image below shows how the planks were cut to accommodate the large difference between the deck surface and the floor below. It also blends perfectly with the wood of the deck and railing.

Raised baseboard ideas

Higher decks give you a bigger canvas to play with more complex designs. You can combine many elements to create a more interesting end result. It's also worth noting that you should use truss frames to provide additional support for the substructure.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (8)This outdoor patio uses an intricate black trellis design divided by wooden posts that wraps around the staircase. It blends in well with the metal railing and is lit by lights that complement the stair lighting. It offers an elegant design that enhances an already beautiful platform.

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33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (9)Some raised decking designs expand the decking surface and create a seamless design. For example, this project uses thick planks made from the same redwood as the deck boards and railing frames. The result is a deck that stands out without being an eyesore!

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (10)A design that gracefully combines elements of the last two examples is this second floor terrace. The trellis fills the empty space below while still providing storage. He also uses wood with different grain patterns that give it an interesting look. The orange parasol and black patio furniture go well together and blend in perfectly with the fabric of the property.

Low baseboard ideas

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (11)With a bottom deck, contouring isn't strictly necessary, but it can be a fun way to tweak your deck layout. While structural support is not an issue, you can opt for framed or unframed baseboard depending on your preference.

This composite deck uses thick horizontal planks with top and bottom edges to fill the space. You can see that the plinth blends well with the deck's surface design as it feels like a natural progression from one to the next. It also follows a simple color scheme that looks amazing with blue accents.

Skirting Ideas for Vertical Decking

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (12)Vertical skirting boards are fairly simple, making them a great choice for both more traditional and modern types of architecture. It is also very suitable for work on uneven terrain.

This project has a fence-like look and uses wooden planks to hide the empty space below the deck. The design has a solid feel that blends seamlessly with the thick posts and beams of the deck above and is consistent with the home's vertical cladding.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (13)Here's another project with a similar style of fence but with thinner boards for the baseboards. For the baseboard, the builders again used decking material, this time in black. Balusters and baseboards are similar in width, making them more uniform and visually appealing. It also goes well with home decorations and porch paneling and decorations.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (14)This next design is simple and to the point. Connect the surface to the ground with boards such as decking without a frame. As a result, it blocks off the space underneath efficiently and cost-effectively.

Skirting board ideas for horizontal decking

A horizontal baseboard can add a more rustic feel to your home and usually works well when accented with foliage and good landscaping.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (15)This natural wood pedestal design has a finished look while still maintaining the openness of the area under the platform. Supported by vertical bars along each plank, it keeps animals out but leaves part of the space below visible. It also allows all the wood grains to show through, adding extra character to the home.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (16)Another outdoor space that uses natural wood goes well with the backyard garden! The dark brown of the wood matches the green and light blue tone of the house. The horizontal lines of the base blend well with the planks and railings, bringing a sense of cohesion and fluidity to this small patio.

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33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (17)Featuring patterned horizontal planks of alternating sizes, this deck completely closes off the area below and replaces it with a visually interesting look. It also works with the uneven, rocky terrain, the medium-dark wood complemented by the moss-covered rocks. Using grooved planks like these can be a great way to add a little more appeal to your baseboards.

Modern patio skirting board ideas

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (18)Horizontal lines are an important cornerstone of modern design. They elongate the look of your home and capture an elegant, contemporary feel. This project uses horizontal battened dark wood planks to finish the baseboard, using a material that blends with the rest of the deck surface. It also helps convey a sophisticated elegance with bright, bold colors that contrast with the pergola and house.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (19)This platform uses an abstract metal grid with an alternating dot and line design. It blends into the sophisticated architecture of the house and its soft tone helps not to distract too much from the surroundings.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (20)Here's a design that makes good use of its materials for a unique modern look. The vertical planks accentuate the curved banister posts below and blend in visually with the rest of the design. It also helps set the railing posts and lanterns apart from the deck's smooth wood finish.

Stone and brick skirting board ideas

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (21)Durable, strong solid stone and brick baseboards provide a sense of security that is difficult to imitate. They convey a contemporary architectural style while remaining traditional and complementing wooden decking well.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (22)This patio skirting project uses multicolored bricks to create a traditional stone wall look. It tastefully balances and highlights the light natural wood of the terrace. Compare it to some of the lattice and wood designs we saw above to get an idea of ​​how it compares in terms of sturdiness.

This porch takes the same approach but uses bricks that are more uniform in shape and size. This makes it appear more geometric and tidier, drawing less attention to the materials while remaining consistent. This is a good design if you just want to fill a small space below deck and provide support.

Metal patio skirting board ideas

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (23)Metal skirting boards are an ideal material that offers protection from the weather and elements, requires little maintenance, and is relatively inexpensive.

Using a metal grille achieves the traditional look of a dark grille, but using a more durable material will last longer and not require as much attention. The black of the base and railing also contrasts with the beige material of the deck, and the rocker panels separate the trusses well.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (24)This home uses corrugated aluminum for a modern design that almost mimics siding. The texture of the metal helps add the element of horizontality that suits the design of the home.


33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (25)For those who live in climates with lots of weather and rain, something like PVC or vinyl baseboards could be a good option. They are weather-resistant, durable and available in many shapes and colors.

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33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (26)You can also use them to create realistic imitations of wooden lattices. This design has thick edges and panels that center the truss to blend in well with the rest of the deck. So from a distance it would be almost impossible to tell you're not looking at wood.

Here's another traditional wood design replicated with PVC. The gloss white material makes a great base for the dark wood deck and covers the space below, even with a storage access door.

wooden decking base

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (27)Wood skirting boards have many uses and are perhaps the most popular skirting board material. Aside from lattice work, however, there are a number of great ways to get creative with wood for your patio baseboard.

This deck uses different sized horizontal boards to create a unique foot pattern. It is also deployed on the outside edges of the platform surface, showing the platform at the top. Sinuous vines help tie this patio's design to the backyard and create an inviting entrance.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (28)Another excellent example of balance and creative woodwork, this project also features built-in horizontal planks. The deck and its base are a more cohesive structure as the railing posts protrude from the ground and form partitions between the planks. Wire mesh enhances the modern design without detracting from the beauty of the wood grain.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (29)By using vertical planks with small gaps between them, this deck continues the top design style on its base. The bright red of the wooden skirting boards blends well with the deck's thick white posts and railings. It also includes stone pillars in its structure, adding to the sturdiness factor of the design.

Composite deck contour ideas

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (30)Composite decking is one of the most popular materials for decking and skirting boards. It is durable, easy to maintain and install, and can be an attractive alternative to traditional trellis.

This decking outline idea maintains the simplicity and precision with right angles of composite decking. Because composite is much more durable than wood, it can be more expensive initially, but will save you time and money in the long run. It lasts longer than wood and requires less maintenance and upkeep.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (31)This patio skirting board follows the vertical design pattern but works differently with the patio surface. The combination of different shades of brown separated by a wide white border creates a clean, clear look. Earth tones contrast with the white surface, making for an easy transition from home to garden. The base does not stand out, but closes the space under the lid.

33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (32)This cover uses a subtly compound base divided by the surface frame. Rails in darker tones blend beautifully with this backyard.

Concrete patio baseboard ideas

Concrete is by far one of the most durable and weather-resistant base materials for patios. Just like stone and brick, concrete is another element that stands the test of time and is suitable for most projects.

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33 budget ideas for terraza baseboards (33)At first glance, this design appears to be made of a composite material or wood. The concrete follows the traditional design of the patio base box, but with fine lines that look like wood from a distance.

For a porch, concrete can bring a sense of roots to a home. This foundation brings unity to the front of the home and gives a fuller feel by completely closing off the space below.

Footers are an essential part of a new deck design. It deserves as much attention as the rest of the project. With plenty of design inspiration just a Google search away, think about the purpose of your footer and your needs and preferences before you scour the web for ideas.


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