Fulfilling the Word Bible Commentary Proverbs 19 (2023)

Proverbs 19:1

ImproveYthe poor who walk in their integrity
Sewhich isperverted on your lips and is a fool.

A.Better is the poor who walks in integrity: Earlier sayings were criticizedthe poor, but here Solomon realized that not all poverty is caused by failure or moral weakness. there is definitelyarmpeople walking on itintegrity.

I. “Many times people put under their feet what God has in their hearts. Man honors perverts for his wealth and despises the poor for their poverty. (Bridges)

B.Like who is wrong in his lips and is foolish: The Book of Proverbs speaks honestly about the disadvantages of poverty. But he also recognizes this beingarmit's not at allworsewhat a human being can be. It is much worse to beTo cheatwho speaks crookedly,pervertThings.

I. “Once more, a proverb associates poverty with piety and wealth with impiety. The poor may be unhappy for the moment, but the unethical rich are unhappy for all eternity. That is why the proverb teaches the pilgrim to walk by faith, not by sight. (walk)

Proverbs 19:2

it's not good eitherforA soulto bewithout knowledge,
And who communicates the sinsto bepies.

A.It is not good for a soul to be ignorant: If a person (A soul) lacks wisdom (iswithout knowledge), never isintestine. It may be common, but it is not.intestine.

B.And he who sins rushes with his feet: Solomon listed a second thing that was notintestine- the one who hastens to sin (run with your feet). On this side of eternity we will also fight sin, but we don't need to run into it. We should be the ones fighting against sin, not the ones colliding with it.

Proverbs 19:3

The stupidity of a man twists
And your heart resents themherr.

A.The stupidity of a man twists his way: It is true that a fool is a fool because he is crooked, crooked. But it is also true that the fool finds his way more and more crooked.crazinessleads to more twists.

B.your heart resents themherr: God wanted us to be at peace with Him, but due to rebellion (inherited and chosen) we are like that in many waysagainst itherr. The foolish man or woman has no peace in God; histhe heart resents themherr. They are angry and perhaps resentful of God for their crooked ways.

I. “Fools will try to blame God when they ruin their lives... The fool is not willing to accept failure as his own. Of course, blaming God is also crazy." (ross)

ii. "This is the pride and blasphemy of a proud spirit. The criminal holds the judge responsible for his just judgment." (bridges)

Proverbs 19:4

wealth makes many friends
But the poor man is separated from his friend.

A.wealth makes many friends: When a person is rich, he drawsmanypeople to them in friendship. But these friendships may not be sincere or meaningful.

I. “Though they are a crowd, they all make friends with what they can get, not with what they can give. The proverb anticipates the Lord's teaching to use money to win friends and eternal reward in the kingdom of God (Luke 18:1-9).” (walk)

B.The poor man is separated from his friend: The rich have advantages and attractmany friends, more orarmMan does not have these advantages. Potential friends of his find it easy to break up with them.

Proverbs 19:5

A false witness will not go unpunished,
mithe WHOspeak lies will not escape.

A.A false witness will not go unpunished: The first idea in this proverb is probably that of court, and in court it is important that thefalse witnessesbe punished. Justice depends on it. This principle extends beyond the courtroom to our daily lives. God loves the truth and wants us to tell the truth.

B.Those who speak lies will not escape: Among men, sometimes theINCORRECTwitnessand liars escape detection and punishment for their sins. With God,he who speaks a lie will not escape. Jesus said that our every word would be accountable (Matthew 12:36).

I. “This is a statement of faith that perjurers can escape human justice. Even the harsh law of Deuteronomy 19:18-21 was of no use to Naboth, or to Jesus." (Children)

Proverbs 19:6

Many request the favor of the nobility,
and every manYa friend to someone who gives gifts.

A.Many implore the favor of the nobility: When someone is of high status and importance (of the nobility), many people want theirFavor. There are advantages to having themFavorby influential people.

B.Everyone is a friend of the gift giver.: Many people who offer friendship do so for selfish reasons. Do you want the benefit offavor of the nobilityIt's ingiftsthat others can offer.

Proverbs 19:7

All the brothers of the poor hate him;
How far are his friends from him!
he can continueshe withWords,stillthey lefthe.

A.All the poor man's brothers hate him: Being poor is often resented by men, even bysiblingsmiFriends. What a contrast to Jesus, who became poor (2 Corinthians 8:9) to draw near to us in our poverty and need.

B.You can chase them with words, but they abandon you.: By nature, people run away from the poor, even if they try to persuade andchase them with words. In contrast, God seeks out the poor and needy.

Proverbs 19:8

He who attains wisdom loves his own soul;
Those who remain understanding will find good things.

A.Whoever reaches wisdom loves his own soul: Possession and persecution ofwisdomit is so good and useful for us that we can and should simply draw wisdom from egoism. we love ourown soulour own life.

UE.love your own soul:"Oshe loves herself, because it does much good to his soul, or, as follows, to himself; as sinners say otherwisei hate your souls, Proverbs 29:24, because they bring evil upon them.” (Pool)

B.Those who remain understanding will find good things.: Wisdom is not just doing somethingto receive; there is also something forhold. Usfind goodif weholdComprehension.

Proverbs 19:9

A false witness will not go unpunished,
mithe WHOspeaks lies will perish.

A.A false witness will not go unpunished: The words and meaning of this proverb were previously given in Proverbs 19:5. The repetition reminds us that this is aimportantPrinciple. In the courtroom and in everyday life, God wants us to be real people, which is why he promiseda false witness will not go unpunished.

B.He who speaks lies will perish: This speaks of the certainty of God's justice towards those who lie. Revelation 21:8 warns about thisLiarare among those who willhis part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone is the second death.

Proverbs 19:10

Luxury does not suit a fool
Much less than a servant should govern princes.

A.Luxury does not suit a fool:The point is that there are some ignorant fools who like this.lux, but it doesn't seem correct. It's notappropriateForTo cheatto live in luxury.

B.Far less than a serf rules over princes: Solomon spoke according to the wisdom of the natural man who puts great faith in nobility and family lineage. This is one of the proverbs that upsets the gospel and the new covenant, where those who want to be great must be like servants and not likeprinces(Matthew 20:26 and 23:11).

I. “The slave, who is incapable by nature and education, is intoxicated by the feeling of power and his domination becomes an intolerable arbitrariness. The consequences for the community are just incompetence, mismanagement, abuse of power, corruption, injustice; finally, social chaos (cf. Ecclesiastes 10, 5-7)”. (walk)

ii. "The slave has the same rational power as the sovereign of him. But minor mental habits make him incapable of ruling. However, there are exceptions to this, as in the case of Joseph." (Bridges)

Proverbs 19:11

The discretion of a man slowly angers him,
and your gloryYignore a violation.

A.The discretion of a man slowly angers him: It is not necessarily weakness or lack of courage that defines a manslow to anger. It may be wisdom, described here ascriterion.

B.His glory is in ignoring a transgression: A wise man or woman knows that they have been forgiven much and this shapes their relationships with others. They do not pretend that everyone is responsible for everyone.transgressionbut you know whenignore a violation.

I. “The virtue here indicated is more than a merciful character; This includes the ability to ignore offense and a lack of unsettling hypersensitivity.” (McKane, quoted in Ross)

ii. “The more virile a man is, the more tolerant and willing to overlook an offense. It shows that he has so much of God in him (if he gets it right from the start) that he will put up with our wrongdoing and forgive our offenses and plead with us to be reconciled.” (Trap)

Proverbs 19:12

the wrath of the kingYlike the roar of a lion
but your favorYlike dew on the grass.

A.The king's anger is like the roar of a lion: The roar of aLeónit is in itself terrifying, even without the understanding that destruction will soon follow. same goes forzorna king or other influential person. That's a lottruerabout the wrath of God or the wrath of the lion of the tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5).

I. “Hebrew, of a young lion roaring most terribly in his prime; His roar is so loud that it surprises the other creatures he pursues, so that although they are much faster on foot than the lion, they have no strength to run from him. (trap)

ii. "Nothing is more terrible than the roar of this tyrant of the forest. At this sound, all other animals tremble, flee and hide. TheKönighe who is above the law and rules without law, and whose will is his own law, is like himLeón.“ (Clark)

B.Your favor is like dew on the grass: That means the kingFavorit is invigorating and life-giving; also means that it is transitory, likedew on the grass. God's favor is certainly invigorating and life-giving, but it isNofleeting, as if God were a tyrant impossible to please.

I. "The dew, essential for the survival of the vegetation in the hot and dry summer in the climatic conditions of Palestine, is a gift from God." (walk)

ii. "This proverb would advise the king's subjects to practice tact and the king to cultivate kindness." (ross)

Proverbs 19:13

a stupid sonYthe fall of your father
And the fights of a wifethey area constant drip.

A.A foolish son is his father's downfall: It is the mourning that all parents have astupid sonor daughter. This can range from mourning to running.ruinhow pain destroys the health and life of the father, or how the father ruins himself to save himstupid son.

B.A woman's fights are a constant drip: This saying of sympathy for the problems of a man whoPainow he addresses a man's potential problem as a husband. A woman who often fights (fights, fights) with her husband is like aconstant dripin at least three ways.

· It's an ever-present nuisance and nuisance.

· It wastes and destroys, eroding what is good and valuable.

· It points to an underlying, more fundamental problem.

I. "A man who has such a wife is like a tenant who has acabincommonbad roof, for each part of it the rain ordropsopour out. neither cansit, stand, work, stillsleepwithout being exposed to themAs. God help the man who is in such a casecasaowife!” (Clark)

ii. “Like a man who has had a hard time outdoors he thinks he can relax at home, but can hardly sit there when the rain, dripping from the roof over his head, pushes him back outside. Such is the case of the one who has a quarrelsome wife, a much greater cross than that of disagreeable children, who are, however, the calamity and headache of the father." (Trap)

iii. "Delitzsch reports an Arabic proverb that he was told... 'Three things make a house unbearable:So(the infiltration of rain),Sohn(complaint of a woman) andto piss(Insect).'" (Kidner)

Proverbs 19:14

houses and richesthey area legacy of parents,
But a loving wifeYdoherr.

A.Houses and fortunes are inherited from parents.: There are good things that a man can receive asstate, including material things likecasasand riches. A man is blessed to have such things.

B.The prudent woman is of theherr: A gift beyondstatecan be obtained fromcountryis this gift of God - aprudent wife. A wise, self-controlled woman with a decent life is a greater gift thanhouses and riches. a woman who isNoPrudentcan squander all the fortune a man has. Any man with aPrudentYour wise wife should thank you for that.herr.

UE.Doherr: “Nature makes the woman, the choice to the woman; but to be prudent, wise and virtuous is from the Lord. A good wife was one of the first royal and royal gifts Adam received." (Trap)

ii. “So the proverb instructs the disciple to look to God (Proverbs 15:8, 29; 16:3; cf. Genesis 24:14) and find his favor through wisdom, in order to obtain from him a suitable wife (Proverbs 8 :35; 18:22)…. So when a man has a competent wife, he praises God, not himself." (walk)

iii. “The verse does not answer questions about unhappy marriages or bad wives; instead, it simply states that God should be trusted when a marriage goes well.” (ross)

Proverbs 19:15

sloth playsasin a deep sleep
And the lazy will go hungry.

A.Laziness puts you in a deep sleep: There are many problems withidleness, and one of them is that it leads to moreidleness, send the sloths to ai am deep. there's no work to doi am deep.

I. “Laziness puts you in a state where you sleep so soundly that you are completely unaware of your situation. Not realizing his tragic situation and not recovering, the slacker neglects his source of income and starves. His lot is like that of drunkards and gluttons (Proverbs 23:21).” (walk)

B.The sloths will starve: There is a high price to payidleness, one of these awards is theFométhe person suffers as the person needsNobeaten by hard work. Lazy man or woman falls into a trapsleepmiFomé.

Proverbs 19:16

He who keeps the commandment preserves his soul,
Buthe who is careless in his ways will die.

A.He who keeps the commandment preserves his soul: Obedience to the word andofferof God is of real and practical use. obedience guards andhe claimsto life thatAlmathe wise man or woman who lives according to the Word of God.

B.Those who are careless in their ways will die: give up wisdom and livecarelessin ourwaysis to invite death. God gave hisofferto give us life and save us from death.

Proverbs 19:17

Whoever feels sorry for the poor lends himherr,
And he will repay what he has given.

A.Whoever feels sorry for the poor lends himherr: if we givearm(to express our love andCompassionto them), let's not waste our money. it's like borrowing moneyfor himherrIn addition.

I. "Your just and merciful Creator assumes the responsibility of assuming your debts and will therefore pay the creditor in full." (walk)

B.He will pay what he gave: God will never owe anyone anything. He will never be in a position to owe anything like a debt. So he borrowsfor himherrit is to secure the blessing in return. god surelypay whatwe give to the poor out of compassion. God promises that we will never lose generous and compassionate giving.

I. “God will never be in your debt. He is accurate and punctual in reimbursing him. No man ever dared to do his bidding regarding any need, and he found himself poorer. … Wasn't Ruth's love for Naomi well repaid?” (Meier)

ii. "Oh, what a word is that! God is to blame for everything that is given to himarm! who would not like itlatersuchCredit?God will pay again. And in no case has he ever lost his word. (Clark)

iii. “That promise of reward doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the money back from him; The rewards in Proverbs include life and general prosperity. (ross)

Proverbs 19:18

Discipline your son while there is hope
And don't set your heart on their destruction.

A.Discipline your son while there is hope: There is no infinite window of time for thispunishand wisely discipline our children. Age and circumstances limit the ability to exercise effectively, so it should be doneas long as there is hope. There may come a time when you wish you had done so much more.punish your sonor daughter.

I. "It is far better for the child to weep under healthy correction than later for parents to weep themselves and their children under the bitter fruits of careless discipline." (bridges)

B.Don't set your heart on your destruction: Failpunish your sonin the favorable season it is really work foryour destruction. Many parents bring a lot with themruinthrough your childrennegligence, not direct abuse.

I. “Mentally healthy parents do not have a conscious desire to kill their children. But unless they employ the God-given means of verbal rebuke to prevent madness and corporal punishment to prevent its recurrence, they are inadvertently involved in the ultimate punishment, their death." (walke)

Proverbs 19:19

a man ofthe great anger is punished;
because if you savehe,you'll have to do it again.

A.A man of great anger will suffer punishment: Anger out of control comes with many problems and costs. It belongs to the fruits of the spirit.automatic verification(Galatians 5:23), and wisdom does not make a persongreat anger.

I. "He punishes himself. Wounded pride and resentment leave the wretched criminal brooding in his room. He suffers an unbearable burden of self-imposed punishment." (Bridges)

B.Because if you save it, you'll have to do it all over again.: The person who cannot control his anger will have problemsagainand again. Forrescueonce is not enough, because the problem is morein themthan under the circumstances they blame for their anger. It is better for them to face the consequences of their actions and hope to learn something from them.

I. "An irrepressible temper will always bring new difficulties to its owner." (Children)

Proverbs 19:20

Listen to advice and receive instructions,
So that you may be wise in your last days.

A.Hear advice and get directions: One of the first signs of wisdom is the willingness to receive more wisdom. A teachable person, who wantslisten to advice and receive instructions, you have already taken great steps on the path of wisdom.

B.That you may be wise in your last days: The deleterious effects of the foolish rejection of wisdom may not be seen for many years. Still inlast daysFrom the life of a man or a woman, it is clear whether or not they learned the lessons of wisdom and if they did.listen to advice. If you want to beheavylate in lifeStart now.

Proverbs 19:21

There are many plans in the heart of a man
However theherrs advice - this will last.

A.There are many plans in the heart of a man: It is in the nature of men (and women) to plan and prepare for the future. Some of the plans may be wise and some foolish, butThere are many plans in the heart of a man.

B.However theherrs advice - this will last: Man makes his plans,and he should. Still, every plan must be made with an appreciation of God's wisdom, handiwork, and will.

I. Later, James would explain this principle thus:Come now, you who say: "Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and we will spend a year there, buying and selling and profiting"; while you don't know what will happen tomorrow. Because what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a short time and then disappears. Instead, you should say, "The Lord willing, we will live and do this or that."(Tiago 4:13-15)

ii. "This is a completely self-evident statement, but important enough to warrant a pause in the reading. The only thing one can trust in the heart is Jehovah's advice or guidance." (Morgan)

Proverbs 19:22

What you look for in a man is kindness,
And better is a poor man than a liar.

A.What you look for in a man is kindness.: It's not thatcompassionit is the greatest or the only virtue for the people of God. In many ways, however, it is the most importantsoughtfrom others, especially in a modern world.

B.A poor man is better than a liar: This shows this proverbcompassionAlthough valuable, it is not the only virtue. be male or femaleTRUE- no seasLiar– is also of great value. This proverb reminds us to seek and appreciatecompassion, we must not treat it as the only virtue valued among the people of God.

Proverbs 19:23

The fear of Jehovahclueslive,
mithe one that haswill remain happy;
It is not visited by evil.

A.the fear ofherrleads to life: From thescared ofherrThe beginning of wisdom is wonderful.leads to life. yes we likeLife, we must begin with this honor, awe, and submission to God.

B.He who has it will dwell in joy: Yes we have and we get into itscared ofherrleads to a life ofsatisfaction. The world, the flesh and the devil want to convince us that life is based on thisscared ofherrit leads to misery, but it is the opposite. bringsatisfactionand prevents us from a future ofdiabolical.

UE.Will not be visited by evil: "By living a godly life, the Lord provides a quality of life that cannot be disturbed by such wickedness." (ross)

Proverbs 19:24

A lazy personmanbury your hand in the bowl,
And he won't even put it back in his mouth.

A.A sloth buries its hand in the bowl.: Solomon showed alazy mansit down to eat, withHis handburied in his food bowl.

I. “This humorous depiction is certainly exaggerated. It was probably intended more for those who start a project, but don't have the energy to complete it." (Ross)

ii.in the bowl:: “The same word in 2 Kings 21:13 leaves no doubt as to its meaning. So the scene is a meal and the example is comically extreme." (Children)

B.And you won't even put it in your mouth again: In this humorous and exaggerated image, the slacker has so little energy and initiative that he doesn't even do it.bringyour hand ofHe wasForits mouth. This exaggerated image establishes a principle stated elsewhere in Proverbs:The sloths will starve.

UE.I don't want to put it in my mouth anymore: “Namely, feed; He waits for the meat to fall into his mouth. (Pool)

ii. "Is there a more graphic or sarcastic description of absolute laziness somewhere?" (Morgan)

Proverbs 19:25

Strike the scoffer, and the simple will suspect;
correct who understandsmiwill recognize knowledge.

A.Strike a scoffer and the ignorant will suspect: If a determined fool and opponent of wisdom (um zombador) is punished, others will learn. The most innocent fool (lo simple) can learn from this.

I. “Never hit him so hard, it's not funny to hit him. Pharaoh did not improve from all that he suffered; but Jethro, perceiving the heavy hand of God on Pharaoh and also on the Amalekites, thus converted and became a proselyte, as Rabbi Solomon says. in this text.

B.Blame someone who understands: The rebuke ofObserverseems to do thatObserverIt is not good, although it can benefit thatsimply. But if someone who appreciates wisdom (someone who understands) looks, learns. He grows in his ability to do so.acknowledge knowledge.

I. “Here are three types of mind: closed [Observer]…Empty thesimply– must be scared) and open [Comprehension] (... accept even a painful truth)." (Children)

Proverbs 19:26

the one who abusesto bePaimidrive awayto bemurmur
Ya son who brings dishonor and shame.

A.Who mistreats the father and chases away the mother: The Bible commandsHonor your father and mother(Exodus 20:12). This saying sees the person doing the opposite of Exodus 20:12.

I. "When the father and his family are in ruins,murmur(see Proverbs 1:8) finds herself in a tragic situation without the care and protection of her husband. By ruining her father, the idiot (cf. Proverbs 17:2) leaves his mother a helpless widow.” (walk)

B.It is a son who brings dishonor and dishonor: One cannot disobey God and the rules of human society without paying a price. There must be a price to pay for abusive parentspitymireproachIn yourself.

Proverbs 19:27

Stop listening to teachings, my son,
And you will stray from the words of knowledge.

A.Stop taking orders, my son.: Solomon continued to give wisdom to his children and here he warned of the dangerto stoplistenfor instruction, the wisdom.

B.And you will stray from the words of knowledge.: This shows us that attention and effort must be paidstayon the path of wisdom. if you do thatstop listening to instructions, then they willdeviate from the words of knowledge. You have to set out on the path of wisdom and, with God's help, decide that you will stay on it.

I. "The implication here is that it is better not to learn than to learn to disobey." (Morgan)

ii. “Without constant attention to wisdom, corrupt people unconsciously deviate from it. Even Solomon, the epitome of wisdom in ancient Israel, went astray when he stopped listening to his own proverbs." (walk)

Proverbs 19:28

A disreputable witness despises justice,
And the mouth of the wicked devours iniquity.

A.A disreputable witness despises justice:OwitnessThose who are not committed to the truth do not care howjustice. Great harm is done to society and its legal system if truth and truth are not cultivated and promoted.disreputable witnesswill not be penalized.

I. "The perjurers at Naboth's trial are calledreliable(1 Kings 21:10, 13), a story that illustrates the deadly power of lying witnesses.” (walk)

B.The mouth of the wicked devours iniquity: The words ofmean(comes frommouth) Amorinjusticeso much that youdevourit is like a hungry man devouring food. This is the type of person whodespise justiceand separates society.

Proverbs 19:29

Dishes are prepared for mockers,
And pats fools on the back.

A.Dishes are prepared for the scoffers: Those who reject wisdom with hostility (Observer) will not escape punishment.sentences are preparedfor her.

UE.are you ready for this: "Because these mockers (who promise impunity) are judgments, not just one, but many, not only determined, but long prepared, and now ready for execution." (Trap)

B.patting fools on the back: Those who despise wisdom, caught up in their folly (To cheat) will also receive their punishment. The correction will come to you as intended and, unfortunately, the correction will not bring you any benefit.

UE. "ProfanemimeanPeople are subject to the punishments inflicted on them by just laws. Avoid, then, both its realization and its end." (Clark)

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