Proverbs 25 Bible Commentary - Matthew Henry (Complete) (2023)


verso 1

This verse is the title of the last collection of Solomon's proverbs for him.he chose many proverbs and composed them,to be able to be with herteach people knowledgeEcl. 12:9. Note: 1. The proverbs come from Solomon, who was inspired by God to preach these wise and important propositions for the use of the church; We had many, but there is more. Yet in this Christ is greater than Solomon, for if we had all the records of what Christ said and did, he would be instructive.The world could not contain the books that would have to be writtenJohn 21:25. 2. The preachers were Hezekiah's servants, who here probably acted as his servants and were appointed by him to perform this good service for the church, along with other good services he the law and the commandments,2 Chronicles 31:21. Whether he used prophets in this work like Isaiah or Hosea or Micah who lived in his time, or some of the school-trained prophets or some of the priests and Levites that we belong to, you will find that when he gives a command about divine things (2 Chronicles 29:4) or (as the Jews think) his princes and ministers of state, who may appropriately be called hisdienera,is not safe; When Eliakim, Joach and Szebna's work was done, it did no harm to their character. They copied these proverbs from the records of Solomon's reign and published them as an appendix to an earlier edition of this book. Publishing the work of others that has long remained obscure can do a great service to the church. It is believed that they chose them from the 3,000 proverbs pronounced by Solomon (1 Kings 4:32), omitting those of a physical nature and related to natural philosophy, and keeping only those of a divine and moral character; and in this collection some point out that special attention is paid to observations relating to kings and their administrations.

Verses 2-3

Here are 1. Example of the glory of God:It's an honor for him to hide something.You do not need to investigate anything, because you know everything perfectly from a clear and certain point of view, and nothing can be hidden from you; however, his ownThe road is in the seaAnd beway to the great waters.There is unimaginable depth in your advice, Rom. 11:33. This is only a small part of what you can hear from him.Clouds and darkness surround him.We see what it does, but we don't know why. Some refer to the sins of men; His honor is to forgive sin, that is, to hide it, not to remember it, not to mention it. The indulgence that he shows toward sinners is at the same time his reverence, in which he seems silent and inattentive. 2. A double example of the honor of kings: (1.) The glory of God is that He needs noget to the bottom of somethingbecause he knows her without looking for her; but it is the honor of kings, with keen understanding and all methods of investigation, to investigate matters before them, and endeavor to investigate agents, that they may discover their designs, and bring to light their hidden works of darkness. , not judge hastily or before weighing things, nor go out totally different to investigate things, but check it out for yourself. (2) The glory of God is that he is not found looking, and part of that glory is given to kings, wise kingsfind out things;arejellyAndmysterious,Asthe height of the skyodepth of the earth,that we can guess but not measure. The princes have theirsmake arcana imperii Statsgeheimen,Projects that remain private and express reasons for which individuals do not have competent judges and therefore should not snoop around. wise princes whenget to the bottom of somethingthey arrive unimaginably, like Solomon, when he called with his sword to split a living child to discover the true mother.

Verses 4-5

This shows that the vigorous effort of a prince to suppress vice and reform the customs of his people is the most effective means of supporting his government. Note 1. What are the duties of the judges?take the bad guysto use his power to intimidate evil deeds and wicked workers, not only to expel the wicked and wicked from his presence and forbid them from judging, but also to intimidate and subdue them from spreading the contagion of their wickedness to his subjects. Is calledremove dross from silverwhat happens by the power of fire. Bad people are the scum of the nation, the scum of the country, and as such they must be eliminated. If people don't take them, God will, Psalm 119:119. YeahThe wicked perish before the king,If you abandon them and express disgust at their misdeeds, you will greatly protect them from causing mischief. The reform of the court will contribute to the reform of the kingdom, Ps. 101:3, 8. 2. What will be the benefit of fulfilling this duty? (1.) It will be the perfection of the subjects; They are said to be handcrafted like refined silver to be handcrafted.honor plates.(2.) It will be the residence of the prince.His throne will be establishedHeJustice,for God will bless his government, and the people will obey him, and so it will last.

Verses 6-7

Here we see: 1. Religion, far from destroying good customs, calls us to humility and respect for our superiors, to keep our distance and give way to those to whom we belong."Do not go outrough and unkemptin the presence of the kingor in the presence of great men; Nocompare yourself to them"(this is how some understand it); "Don't compete with them in clothes, furniture, gardens, home or surroundings, because this is an insult to them and it will waste your wealth." 2. This religion teaches us humility and self-sacrifice, which is a better lesson than this one on good conduct: “Deny yourself your rightful place; don't want to make a good impression, don't pretend to be privileged, don't interfere in the company of those who are superior to you; be content with the lower sphere, if that is what God has assigned you." He gives the reason why it is really a way of progress, as our Savior shows in a parable taken from Lu. 14:9. Not that we have toFor this reasonfeign modesty and humility and use it as a trick for court honor, butFor this reasonWe really need to be modest and humble because God will give glory to them just like humans. It is better for a person's happiness and reputation to exceed their standards and expectations than to degrade themselves below the presence of the princeIt was a great honor to see him and a great arrogance to look at him without permission.

Verses 8-10

I. Here are some good tips for going to a lawyer:-1. “Don't rush to file a lawsuit until you've thought about it yourself and consulted your friends:Take your time to fight;Do not ask for a letter out of passion or some apparent righteousness on your part, but consider the matter carefully, for we are prone to partiality for our own good. Consider the certainty of the cost and the uncertainty of success, the amount of worry and trouble this will entail, and in the end things can turn against you; Then you definitely shouldn't.Hurry up to make the effort.2. "Don't complain until you try to work things out amicably (v. 9):Discuss your case with your neighborin private, or perhaps they understand each other better and see that there is no need to go to court.” In public disputes, a war that must finally end might better have been avoided by a peace treaty, and much blood and much money was saved. It's the same with private fights: "Don't sue your neighbor as..."Heath and the tax collectoruntil you tell him that his fault is between you and him and he refuses to escalate the matter or come to an agreement. Perhaps the case is a secret that should not be revealed to anyone, much less presented to the country; and, therefore, finish it in private so that it is not discovered.Do not reveal someone else's some people read it. "Do not reveal, out of revenge, to embarrass your opponent, something that should be kept secret and is not important at all."

II Give two reasons why we should be so careful when dealing with the law: 1. Because otherwise you run the risk of things turning against you andI don't know what to doif the defendant corroborated what you accused him by showing that his complaint was frivolous and irritating and that he had no compelling reason to act, and so onWhat a shame2. “Because you will be greatly outraged if you fall into contention. Not only the accused (v. 8), but also the one who negotiated the verdictWhat a shamewill expose you as a man without principles andyour dishonor will not subside;You will never get your reputation back.

Verses 11-12

Here Solomon shows how much is owed to man 1. To put it succinctly:a word on wheelsgoes well, according to the circumstances, at the right time and place - admonition, advice or comfort given at the right time and at the right times, appropriate to the case of the person being spoken to and to the character of the person talkingis equal tothey look like bulletsapples,or as true golden apples (golden rennet), or perhaps golden, as in our case the golden laurels, and those with embossingin silver squares,or rather, brought to the table in a silver mesh basket or silver box of what we callwatermarkA work through which golden apples were visible. There was no doubt that it was a well-known table decoration at the time. Because it was very pleasing to the eye, so it isthe correct wordIn the ear. 2. First, give a tactful reprimand and make it acceptable. Although given bywise Judge,and well received by oneobedient ear,This isgold earringibeautiful gold jewelry,very clement and kind, both with the accuser and with the reprimanded; Both will be praised, guilty for giving it so wisely, and guilty for receiving it so patiently and using it so well. Others will praise both of you and be happy together; The one who uttered the rebuke rejoices that he had the desired effect, and the one who receives it has reason to be grateful for it as is well presentedwe sayit is well received;However, this does not always prove that what is well given is well received. It would be desirable that Aguilty sageyou should always know someoneobedient ear,but often it is not.

about 13

See here: 1. What should be the concern of the servant, the minor who is sent to do errands and in charge of any business, and even more the major, the prince's agent and ambassador; it should be himfaithful to the senderand to see that he does not accidentally or intentionally betray his trust, and that in nothing in his power he disregards the interests of his master. Those who act as agents on behalf must act with the same care as they do on their own behalf. 2. How much will it satisfy the Master? Berefresh your soullike never beforethe cold of the snow(they are warm countries that preserve art all year) consoled the workers in the harvest thatbear the weight and heat of the day.The more important the case was and the greater the fear of failure, the more acceptable the messenger is if he handled it well and successfully. The faithful servant, the messenger of Christ, must please us (Job 33:23); However, there will be onesweet smell for god2 crowns 2:15.

about 14


It can be said that he boasts of a false gift: 1. He who claims to have received or given what he never had, never gave, makes fun of his great achievements and good services, but all this is wrong; he is not who he claims to be. Or 2. That he promises what he will give and do, but does nothing to raise people's expectations of what great things he will do for his country and his friends, what a noble legacy he will leave behind, but he also does not have the means he claims otherwise you never design it. It is like the morning cloud that passes and fails those who have waited for rain to irrigate a dry land (Jude 12).clouds without water

approximately 15

When dealing with others, here are two things to do that are likely to help us understand our point of view: -1. Patience in enduring the current heat without falling into the heat and waiting for the right opportunity to present your case and give people time to think. So even aPrinceMaybeconvinceddoing something that seemed very reluctant to do, let alone an ordinary person. What is justice and reason now will be at another time, so it is not necessary to force them now, but to wait for a more favorable moment. 2. To put it mildly, without passion or provocation:A soft tongue breaks a bone;calm the hardest spirits and defeat the harshest, like lightning, which they say sometimes breaks the bones, and yet does not pierce the flesh. Gideon calmed the Ephraimites with soft language, and Abigail held back David's anger.heavy wordswe saydon't break your bonesand therefore we must patiently bear them; but it seemssoft wordsso we must give them wisely at every opportunity.

around 4 p.m. m.

Here 1. we are allowed to enjoy sensual pleasures soberly and moderately:did you find honey?It is not a forbidden fruit for you as it was for Jonathan; You can eat it with gratitude to God, who, having created things for the pleasure of our senses, has allowed us to use all you needand no more.Enough is like a party.2. We advise you to be careful with exaggerations. We must use all pleasures like honey, while controlling our appetites so that we do not eat more than is good for us and get sick. Most likely, we will settle for the sweetest, so those who eat a lot every day need to take care of themselves.lest their hearts be overwhelmed at some point.The pleasures of the senses lose their sweetness through abuse and become as dull as sour honey in the stomach; Therefore, it is both in our interest and our duty to use them with care.

around 5 p.m. m.

Here he mentions another pleasure that we should not take too much advantage of, namely, visiting friends, some for fear of overburdening themselves, others for fear of overburdening others. 1. Sometimes it is a courtesy to visit our neighbors, show them our respect and concern for them, and cultivate and deepen our knowledge and love for each other so that we can enjoy both the satisfaction and the benefits of their conversation. 2. It is wise and polite not to disturb friends when we visit them, not to visit them too much, not to stay too long, not to try to come at mealtimes, not to bother us with their families' employment; in this way we make ourselves cheap, petty and onerous. It will be your neighbor who is so worried and tormented by your visitsI'm sick of you and I hate youIHeit will destroy the friendship that should be its improvement.After the third day, the fish and the company become tasteless.Familiarity breeds contempt.Don't be too intimate with anyone.He who annoys his friend loses him. How much better is God as a friend than any other friend; for we need not depart from his house, his throne of grace (ch. 8:34); The more often we come to Him, the better and more pleasant it becomes.

about 18

Here it applies: 1. The condemned sin isbear false witness against your neighbor,either in court or in common conversation, contrary to the ninth commandment law. 2. What he is condemned for here is his wickedness; It is in your power to ruin not only the reputation of people, but also their lives, property, families and everything they hold dear. A false statement is all that is dangerous; Thisis the mouth(LubAssociationknock out someone's brain), a flail in front of which there is no fence; This isespadanear the wounded and asharp arrowwounded from afar; therefore we must prayFree my soul, Lord! from a lying mouthPD. 120:2.

around 7 p.m. m.

1. dietrust of an unfaithful man(so read it a bit) it will belike a broken tooth;his politics, his power, his interests, everything he trusted to help him in his wickedness will fail him in need, Ps. 52:7. 2.Trust an unfaithful man(so we read), in a man whom we considered trustworthy and trustworthy, but who proves otherwise; it is not only useless, but also painful and irritating asBroken tooth or foot out of jointNot only does it fail us if we emphasize it in any way, but it also makes us feel special about need of,when we most expect His help; It's like a broken pipe, Isaiah. 36:6. Faith in a faithful God will not work in difficult times; Let us rest in Him and dwell well in Him.

approximately 20

1. The absurdity criticized here issing songs with a heavy heart.Those who are in great grief should be comforted by taking pity on them, expressing your condolences and sharing their lamentations. If we use this method, that isThe movement of our lips can ease your sadness(Job 16:5); but we go astray with them if we think we can exonerate them by being cheerful with them and trying to cheer them up; because it hurts them even more to see that their friends care so little about them; It makes them remove the causes of sadness, deepen it and make sadness harden before the onslaught of joy. 2. The absurdities with which it is compared are:take a piece of clothingby a man inCold weather,which makes it colder and more fluidsaltpeter Vinegar,that, like water on lime, ferments them; So inappropriate, so inappropriate to sing pleasant songs to one who is sad in spirit. Some read it the other way:Ashe wears clothes when it's cold.warm the body or somethingfor nitrodissolves it, then hesing songsThe comfort of the afflicted refreshes him and removes his pain.

Verses 21-22

From this it follows that although the scribes and Pharisees perverted the law, not only the commandment to love our brothers, but also the commandment to love our enemies was not only a new commandment, but also an old commandment, a commandment from the Old. Testament, although it was ours, El Salvador gave them to us, confirming His great example of love for us when we were enemies. Note 1. How we should express our love for our enemies through true services of kindness, even those that are dear to us and most accepted by them: "If they dohungryIthirsty,Instead of being satisfied with their scarcity and wondering how to deprive them of their provisions, redeem them as Elisha did the Syrians who came to arrest him.” (2 Kings 6:22.) 2. What incentives do we have to do this? (1.) This will be the probable means of conquering and reconciling them to us; we appease them while the refiner melts the metal in the crucible, not only putting it on the fire, but also throwing coals on it. The way to turn an enemy into a friend is to be kind to him. If he fails, it will deepen his sin and his punishment, and heap on his head the coals of God's wrath, as if the joy of his misfortune could be God's occasion to turn away his wrath from him. , chap. 12:17 p.m. (2) However, we will not be defeated by our self-denial: "Whether he submits to you or not,The Lord will reward you;He will forgive you who thus show the spirit of forgiveness. He will take care of you when you are in need (though you have been wicked and ungrateful), just as you have taken care of your enemy; At least he will be rewarded at the resurrection of the just, if the kindness we have shown our enemies, as well as the favors we have shown God's friends, will be remembered.

about 23

Here you see: 1. How we should discourage and testify against sin, especially the sin of slander and slander; we have to frown and try to annoy him by making an angry face. Slander would not be so easily uttered if it were not willingly listened to; but good manners will silence the slanderer when he sees that his stories displease the public. We would feel uncomfortable hearing a dear friend we love slander; we should show the same disgust for bad speech in general. If we can't criticize otherwise, we can do it for appearance. 2. The good effect it could have; Who knows but he can silence and deterdefamatory language?Sin is weighed when encouraged, but when tested, he is so conscious of his dishonor that he becomes a coward, especially this sin, for many only bully those he talks about in the hope that they will like them.

about 24

The same applies to what he said, ch. 21:9. Note: 1. How to sympathize with those who are unequally yoked, especially with those who fight and fight, male or female; because it applies equally to both. It is better to be alone than to be with someone who, instead of helping, is a great obstacle to the comfort of life. 2. How people who live alone are sometimes envied; Just as they want the comfort of society, they are also free from its hassles. And just as there are cases that give reason to say: "Blessed is the womb that has not given birth," so there are cases that give reason to say: "Blessed is the man who has not married, but lies in it like a servant." ."corner of the roof of the house.

about 25

See here: 1. How natural it is for us to hear good news from our friends and about our affairs from afar. Sometimes we anxiously await news from abroad; our souls long for it. But we must examine the intemperance of this desire; If it is bad news, it will come too soon, if it is good news, it is always welcome. 2. How pleasant such good news will be when it comes, as refreshing as cold water to the thirsty. Solomon himself engaged in much foreign trade and corresponded with foreign courts from his ambassadors; and he knew from experience how pleasant it was to learn of the good results of his negotiations abroad. Heaven is a distant land; How refreshing to hear good news from there, both in the everlasting gospel, which is good news, and in the Spirit's testimony to our spirit that we are God's children.

about 26

This is presented here as a most deplorable cause and public nuisance, of unfavorable importance to many, asdisturbingzPrimaveraitendency to corruptionzPrimavera,for the righteousfall before the sinnersThat is to say: 1. That the just fall into sin in the eyes of the wicked, that they do everything contrary to their vocation, namelyit was said in Gath,IPosted on the streets of Ashkelon,and in whatThe daughters of the Philistines rejoice.For those who have beenin a reputation of wisdom and honordeparting from its perfection,interrupt the wellsfor the mourning of some andcorrupts the sourcesinfecting others and encouraging them to do the same. 2. For the just to be oppressed, oppressed, and trampled down, driven out, and forgotten by the violence or cunning of wicked men, is a disturbance of the sources of justice, and a corruption of the very sources of government, ch. . 28:12, 28; 29:2. 3. That the just is cowardly, despises the wicked, fears to oppose his wickedness and shamefully submits to it, is a religious reflex, discourages the good and strengthens the hands of sinners in his hands.anxious wellicorrupt spring.

about 27

I. Two things for which we must be kind: 1. For the delights of the senses, is not good to eat a lot of honey;Although it is palatable and very healthy when consumed in moderation, when consumed in excess it causes nausea, produces bile and is the cause of many diseases. Such are all the joys of the sons of men, which will quench but never satisfy, and are dangerous to those who indulge in liberal use. 2. For the glory of man. We cannot be more greedy for it than for pleasure becausefor people who seek their own glory,Winning recognition and striving to be liked is not his glory but his misfortune; Everyone will laugh at her; and the glory that is praisedit's not glorywhen you get it, because that really isn't a true honor for a human being.

II Some give this verse a different meaning:Eating a lot of honey is not good,but to look for glorious and splendid things is great praise, it is true glory; we cannot exceed. Others say: "Just as honey, though pleasant in taste, oppresses the stomach when consumed in excess, so too inquisitive a search for things sublime and glorious, though pleasing to us, will overwhelm our powers with more glory if we look too far into it." the splendor of what they can bear. Or this: "You may get tired if you eat too much honey, but the ultimate glory, their glory, the glory of the blessed, is the glory; it will always be fresh and will never satisfy your appetite." .

about 28

Here it is 1. The good character of a wise and virtuous man implies. He is the one who hascontrol one's own mind;He maintains control over himself and his own desires and passions, not allowing them to rebel against reason and conscience. He controls his own thoughts, desires, tendencies, resentments, and keeps them all in order. 2. The bad case of the wicked who has no control over his own mind, who when tempted to eat or drink excessively, has no control of himself when provoked, falls into exorbitant passions, such aslike a city in ruins without walls.All that is good goes out and leaves it; all evil surrounds him. He is subject to all of Satan's temptations and becomes easy prey for this enemy. he too is subject to many difficulties and problems; It's as shameful for him as it is for a city when its walls are torn down, Neh. 1.3

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