TOEFL 2024 - Dates, Registration, Eligibility, Sample, Curriculum, Assessment (2023)

TOEFL 2024 -The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL test) is an exam that tests your knowledge of the English language. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers the TOEFL 2024 test that people use to apply for study abroad, work, and permanent residence (PR) in countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and many more. You can register for the TOEFL 2024 test through the ETS website. Heexam TOEFLThere are two types: TOEFL Essentials and TOEFL iBT.

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TOEFL 2024 - Dates, Registration, Eligibility, Sample, Curriculum, Assessment (1)

TOEFL Essential measures basic English proficiency, while TOEFL iBT measures academic English proficiency. Both tests have almost the same purpose, but they differ in accepting your favorite universities or countries etc.TOEFL Participating InstitutionsTOEFL scores are accepted by more than 11,200 people in 150 countries. TOEFL 2024 is conducted in both the form of online and paper tests. Read the full article to learn more about the full TOEFL form, TOEFL test date, TOEFL scores, and more.

The latest TOEFL test update- The latest enhancements to the TOEFL iBT test will take effect on July 26, 2023, and include changes to test length, test structure, and the registration process. These changes are limited to computer testing, but not to the paper model.

TOEFL Review 2024

exam name

Test of English as a foreign language

Commonly known as


exam level

international level exam

governing body

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

TOEFL 2024 exam formats

  1. TOEFL Essential


recording mode

available not available

exam modes

Online and on paper

TOEFL 2024 Essential Test Duration

1 hour and 30 minutes

TOEFL 2023 iBT Duration (current)

3 hours

TOEFL iBT test duration (no later than July 26, 2023)

2 hours

TOEFL 2024 Essential Test Fee in India

8389.83 rupees

TOEFL 2024 iBT Test Fee in India

Rs 14,322.03

TOEFL Test Payment Options

Credit card, PayPal, electronic check

chances of replays


Exam TOEFL mine 2024

TOEFL 2024 test dates can be viewed online on the official ETS website. The online TOEFL 2024 Essentials test will be available any day of the week at any time (there are plans to increase the number of test days in the future). Available at home, at the test center, and in print, the TOEFL 2024 iBT test is available 24 hours a day, 4 days a week. Candidates can book a TOEFL test date at their convenience by selecting the nearest or preferred test center location. TOEFL 2024 dates are not yet known. To reserve the required TOEFL test date and TOEFL test center, the candidate must book at least two months in advance of the scheduled test date.

TOEFL 2024 Admission Criteria

There are no admission criteria for the TOEFL 2024 test. Almost anyone regardless of age, nationality, gender and background can take the TOEFL test and very few things like ID, passport and Aadhar card are required for take the exam.

TOEFL Registration 2024

TOEFL Registration Date 2024 is available online at ETS official website. TOEFL Registration for the TOEFL General Test is available on certain days of the week throughout the year. TOEFL registration details are listed below.

TOEFL 2024 Application Form Steps - Both for TOEFL Essential and iBT -

Paso 1 -

Visit the official ETS website at

Paso 2 -

Create an account for TOEFL registration on the ETS website.

Paso 3 -

In the TOEFL section, select Register for TOEFL Essential and TOEFL iBT of your choice.

Stage 4 -

TOEFL Essential

Test at home: select your preferred date and time from the list.

TOEFL iBT test

Test at home: select your preferred date and time from the list

For the test center option: select your city and date subject to availability

For the paper test: Select your city and date, subject to availability.

Paso 5 –

Finally, make your payment and complete the TOEFL registration process.

Tarifas TOEFL 2024

The TOEFL test fee depends on the type of test you choose and the country in which you live. Around the world, the TOEFL fee ranges from $100 to $120.

TOEFL Exam Fee in India

TOEFL test type


TOEFL Essential Fee

8389.83 rupees / -

TOEFL iBT test fee (home computer or test center)

TOEFL PBT Test Fee (Paper Test at Test Center)

14322,03 $/-

TOEFL 2024 payment methods

In addition to the TOEFL test fee, there are other fee details that you can see below.

TOEFL 2024 Service Fees



late registration

40 US dollars

Date change

60 US dollars

Retrieving canceled results

20 US dollars

paid refunded

30 US dollars

Additional performance reports (by institution or agency)

$20 each

See Speak or write sheet music.

80 US dollars

Checking the result in the Speaking and Writing section.

160 US dollars

TOEFL 2024 Test Center Information

The TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT test formats are available at the test center every four weeks throughout the year. Candidates can check the details of the TOEFL 2024 test centers on the official website of ETS. The test centers are located mainly in the largest cities of the country. The dates and times of TOEFL 2024 and the test centers can be changed at the time of registration according to the preferences and requirements of the candidates.

TOEFL 2024 Test Centers in India





you went

Uttar Pradesh







Madhya Pradesh







Tamil Nadu







New Delhi

Andhra Pradesh





Throw away













west of bengal


A Maharashtra



A lots of







TOEFL 2024 Transfer and Cancellation Details

For general knowledge, please refer to the rebooking and cancellation details prior to the registration process. The process can be completed online by logging directly into your TOEFL account using your ID and password on the ETS website created during the registration process.

  • TOEFL 2024 Rescheduling

Tips to prepare for the TOEFL test

Candidates can learn the best tricks to handle each section and pass the test.

check it now

Notification is required 4 days prior to the exam date and a re-registration fee of $60 is required.

Latest TOEFL IBT- With the latest enhancements to TOEFL IBT, test takers can reschedule their test free of charge through their ETS account until April 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. m. There will be no TOEFL rescheduling fees during this period.

  • TOEFL 2024 Cancellation

The candidate can cancel the test at the earliest possible date, that is, H. 4 days before the TOEFL test date. 50% of the exam fee will be refunded within 8 weeks after the exam is cancelled. If a candidate cancels the TOEFL test within 7 days of registration, she will receive a 100% refund.

TOEFL Entry Card 2024

The TOEFL Admission Card or TOEFL Halle Ticket is the email confirmation you will receive after the registration process. This includes name, date of birth, exam type, test center, photograph, etc. To take the TOEFL PBT exam, the candidate must present a hard copy of the confirmation email to the test center on the day of the test.

TOEFL 2024 Exam Pattern

  1. TOEFL Essential Test Template

The TOEFL test is a computer-based test that can be taken in the comfort of your own home and is proctored online by an examiner. As this is a computer-based test, the severity level of the test depends on the candidate's performance. Here, the TOEFL format consists of 4 sections: listening, reading, writing, speaking. This TOEFL format includes Academic and General English questions that test applicants' English language proficiency for academic studies, interviews, internships, etc.

TOEFL scores -The results of this TOEFL test are given in the form of bands of points. Your total score is the average of the 4 sections, rounded to the nearest half of the scale.

unofficial resulte - After the exam, the unofficial results in the "Listening Comprehension" and "Listening Reading" sections are displayed on the computer screen. This helps the candidate to check her scores immediately after passing the TOEFL test.

TOEFL 2024 Essential Test Overview



number of questions

point scale

Time frame


Listen to conversations, announcements, lectures and answer questions.



21-34 minutes


Reading of texts, extracts and vocabulary questions.



22-33 minutes


Build sentences, write emails, write image descriptions/write opinions for academic debates

14-18 questions and 2 tasks


24-30 minutes

by the way

Reading of written texts, pre-recorded audio recordings and mock interview

3 tasks with 19 answers


13 minutes

personal video statement

Reply about yourself and other random topics


not evaluated

5 minutes

  1. TOEFL 2024 iBT Sample Test - (Current)

The TOEFL IBT test is available in both electronic and paper formats. The paper-based test is called the TOEFL PBT test. The TOEFL IBT and PBT exam scheme is almost the same. For TOEFL PBT, the oral test is done separately; The online and paper-based tests are almost similar, but differ in the oral subtest, which must be scheduled for a separate appointment within three days of the TOEFL 2024 test date.

TOEFL iBT Test Pattern Summary (Current)



number of questions

point scale

Time frame


3-4 academic reading passages, each up to 700 words



54-72 minutes


5 recorded passages - 3 to 4 in the academic field

2-3 interviews on campus



41-57 minutes

not evaluated

read listen




10 minute break

by the way

1- independent oral task

2 to 4: integrated speaking tasks (the question is for both listening and reading)



17 minutes


1- Summary of points in a short extract and recorded lecture (minimum 150 words)

2 – Write an opinion or experience on a specific topic (minimum 300 words)



50 minutes



3 hours

TOEFL 2024 iBT Example - (latest)

With the latest improved structure of the TOEFL IBT test, only the written part changes and the rest remains the same.

TOEFL iBT pattern review (latest).



number of questions

point scale

Time frame


academic reading passages



35 minutes


Recorded transition questions



36 minutes

by the way

1- independent oral task

2 to 4: integrated speaking tasks (the question is for both listening and reading)



16 minutes


1- Summary of points in a short extract and recorded lecture (minimum 150 words)

2 - Writing for academic debates



29 minutes



2 hours

TOEFL 2024 Syllabus

Programa TOEFL Essentials

This TOEFL syllabus includes Academic and General English questions that are used to test the English language proficiency of applicants for academic studies, job interviews, internships, etc. As already mentioned, it consists of four parts.

Listening Comprehension: This part of the TOEFL tests your ability to understand conversations between native speakers. These questions are asked through audio recordings of daily lifestyle conversations, academic announcements, and lectures.

Reading: This section measures comprehension skills when reading academic and non-academic texts. In the non-academic area, questions are asked about vocabulary and reading passages. In academic questions, textbook extracts are also given in tabular form.

Speaking – This part of the TOEFL 2024 test measures your ability to speak and communicate in a variety of situations. This includes 3 tasks.

  1. Read the dialogue.

  2. Listen and repeat the sentences.

  3. Simulated conversation with recorded interview.

Writing: This section includes questions on sentence structure and writing tasks such as writing an email, writing a description of a photo post, and writing comments for a specific class discussion.

Students can prepare a study program by practicing the following activitiesTips to prepare for the TOEFL test.

TOEFL 2024 iBT Syllabus

The TOEFL Syllabus covers Academic English questions and consists of 4 sections that are somewhat similar to TOEFL Essential.

reading -This section measures your ability to read and understand materials in an academic setting. The reading excerpts in this section are excerpts from college textbooks in various fields. The texts read include questions on vocabulary, facts, reasoning and rhetoric, sentence simplification, text insertion, etc.

Escuchar -This section measures your ability to understand lectures in English. These include basic comprehension questions, understanding the speaker's attitude and confidence level, and combining information.

by the way -This part of the TOEFL 2024 test measures your language skills that you can find inside and outside of the classroom. Here the questions use different accents such as North America, UK, New Zealand, Australia, etc. This section consists of independent and integrated oral tasks. While responding, the candidate's speech, language use, and topical development are appropriately observed and assessed.

Write -It includes an integrated writing task that requires the candidate to summarize content read from a paragraph and heard from an audio sample that presents different perspectives on a topic. Freelance writing is more opinion-based, where the candidate can express her thoughts on a particular topic. This section covers the candidate's approach to the topic and its rationale, examples to support their ideas, content design, and use of language.

TOEFL iBT Ultimate Typing Program -The standalone written assignment is replaced by an academic discussion letter that requires the candidate to provide feedback on a specific topic in an online classroom discussion.

Students can prepare a study program by practicing the following activitiesTips to prepare for the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Practice Tests 2024

Test takers can practice these TOEFL tests to help them learn the TOEFL 2024 test format. TOEFL practice tests also build time management skills. TOEFL sample documents are available online separately for TOEFL Essentials and TOEFL iBT.

TOEFL Study Materials: Different types of TOEFL study materials are available on the official TOEFL website and online. These materials include the official TOEFL guide, TOEFL practice tests, TOEFL courses, TOEFL preparation planning, etc. You can choose the best material according to your needs.

TOEFL 2024 Test Day Guidelines

Start preparing for the TOEFL 2024 test the day before the deadline. Doing things in advance makes you feel relaxed and able to do your best.

TOEFL Test Day Guidelines

  • Please arrive 20-30 minutes before the test to complete the registration process at your home or at the test center.

  • Before taking the test, please run the proctorU device test on your PC/laptop to check system compatibility for the TOEFL test.

  • Know the address of the test center at least 3 days before coming to the test.

  • Items you need to bring for TOEFL 2024: Original ID (Passport, Aadhar card), Bottle of water.

  • For TOEFL at home, make sure the testing area is away from undesirable items.

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TOEFL Core Scores

Official TOEFL Essentials scores will be available after test days 5 and 6, while unofficial listening and reading scores will be available on test day.

TOEFL iBT Scores

TOEFL 2024 scores from an online test center or home test are released within 4-8 days, while paper test scores are available within 11-13 business days of release. TOEFL exam date. The TOEFL Test Report Form 2024 (TRF) can be downloaded online from the ETS official website two days after the TOEFL test results are released. OfficialTOEFL assesses validityit is up to 2 years.

Latest TOEFL iBT Enhancements: With the latest enhancements to score transparency, candidates can check their official score date once on the computer after completing the test on test day. You can send unlimited score reports to your institution as needed and at no additional cost. The new TOEFL Essentials Score Reports combine your best TOEFL Essentials scores on all major tests over the last 2 years.

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