Why does my dog ​​lick my hands? [Answered in 2022] (2023)

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Your dog won't miss an opportunity to greet you, whether you return after a few hours or after a few days. Dogs love to show affection by wagging their tails, jumping up and down, and licking their hands. It seems quite fascinating that someone is so happy to have you back, especially after a busy day.

However, there are some questions that baffle pet owners. People often ask, "Why is my dog ​​licking my hands?" Is it just a sign of love or are you trying to convey a message that most people can't understand? Things like that make it quite mysterious and fun.

Stop speculating about your dog's licking habits. This post answers all your questions so you can better communicate with your dog.


Why does the dog lick your hands?

Why does my dog ​​lick my hands? [Answered in 2022] (1)

Unfortunately, it is impossible to name a single reason for the behavior of such a dog! A dog may lick its hands and feet for many reasons. The most likely reasons may be the following:

It's your pet's way of expressing love

All domestic dogs appreciate the shelter, food, and comfort provided by their owner. The dog begins to feel like part of the family and is always eager to express some love. Most dogs lick their owners to show how happy they are.

While not all pet owners are fans of licking, there's little they can do about it. The dog will lick vigorously until you learn to stop this behavior. Even if you push the pet away, he may think you're in the mood to play. The dog will find a way to get closer to you and lick you again.

If you don't mind a dog licking you, your pet will try more often. However, dogs don't show their love all day long! Maybe lick a few times when we meet again after a long time. As soon as you meet him, the dog behaves normally and is busy with other things.

Is licking your face the same as kissing you?

Why does my dog ​​lick my face and hands? Is licking your face the same as kissing you? It's a yes and a no, because dogs don't know the concept of kissing. They only know how to show love, and parents often confuse it with the way they kiss a dog.

The dog will lick you if you pet and hug it several times after licking. Your dog may interpret that you enjoy licking your face and will do more. Even if the dog doesn't show love, if you respond positively, he will continue this action. You need to find out what it means to control this action and protect your dog.

The dog watches over you!

Of course, you don't need your pet's help with grooming, but your dog doesn't know that. Female pets lick their pups to groom and clean them. Cats do this often, and in many mammals this activity is quite common.

If your dog sees you as an important part of his life, he may want to keep you clean and healthy! The animal may start licking your face instead of showing love. This may be an inconvenient reason, but your dog may think that he needs a little grooming.

The dog will most likely groom your face. If he doesn't have access to your face, he will start licking your hands and feet. Dogs don't always lick themselves to brush. An underlying skin condition can cause problems for the animal and it may be licked to reduce inflammation. Since he can't assess your health problems, the dog is most likely trying to groom you.

The animal is trying to get your attention.

Why does my dog ​​lick my hands? [Answered in 2022] (2)

Dogs do all sorts of things to get their parents' attention. Suppose you are busy and the dog is looking for answers. Then he may bark, wag his tail, scratch you or start licking you. The dog may be trying to communicate something important. Since he can't talk like humans, he licks your hands, feet or face to get your attention.

If you are not careful, your dog can become restless. This affectionate behavior can become more aggressive and can be a bit of a problem for you. This is why you should always react when a dog licks you.

Talk to your pet and try to show him what he wants. When it's time to go for a walk, your pet may want to leave the house to relieve herself. Or maybe your dog has noticed something disturbing and wants her attention to avoid the problem.

Anything is possible if your dog is eager to get your attention. So he reacts and watches what the animal does next. When it calms down, there is no reason to worry. If not, consider taking a walk around the house to see what's going on.

Trying to assess your mood

A dog will know when to bother you and when to stay away if it has been living with you for several months or years. Like other family members, dogs know who is funnier and who is not. You get along with people who are perfectly suited to your needs. He will come up to you and lick you if you always greet the pet with hugs and kisses.

Assume that you are the only person around the pet. It can sit around you or lick you to gauge your mood. If you respond positively, your pet will feel more comfortable and more likely to play. Assuming you respond firmly or dismiss it, he knows this is not the right time to get upset.

Always be gentle with your pet, even when exhausted. The dog spends most of the day indoors. He expects you to come back and take him for a ride. The dog jumps on the sofa and licks your face, expressing his needs. Take this as a cue to walk the dog and keep on the leash. This will be the happiest moment of the whole day for the dog!

I'm sure you'll like it!

Do you wonder why my dog ​​licks my hands and feet? This will happen if the frequency of licking increases day by day. The dog probably does it because you like the food. Yes, it's probably the weirdest reason, but it's possible.

Dogs are gourmet creatures. They can easily smell delicious things and cannot control the urge to try things that smell good. That is why pets often put things in their mouths just to bite them.

Does your dog try to bite you when he constantly licks you? No, he just takes the taste of your skin and stops after a while.

Why do dogs lick their hands?

Why does my dog ​​lick my hands? [Answered in 2022] (3)

One thing that you will easily notice is that your pet licks your hands more than any other part of the body. What is in your hands that the dog especially likes? Is it a special message that the animal is trying to convey?

Dogs have keen senses and can judge many things just by sniffing and licking their hands. Suppose you pet another pet at a friend's house, the dog will immediately find it. Some animals get nervous while others just ignore it.

Your dog can tell where you've been just by licking your hands. He can judge what you have eaten before you go near him. If this was your pet's favorite food, he'll want it right away. You may not know it, but the animal fidgets and signals that he wants to eat a snack.

The sense of taste tells a dog many important things. As curious creatures, dogs can't stop licking themselves because it prevents them from learning about their surroundings. This is why hand licking becomes an irritating habit for some dogs.

Your dog may lick your hands for the following reasons:

  • The dog is trying to figure out if he can trust you or not. He will walk away when he finds you unreliable.
  • When a pet licks your baby or infant's hands, it is just trying to nurse your baby and show some tenderness.
  • If your dog licks your hands when you pet him, he's just trying to return the favor. The animal will appreciate that you scratch it and it will lick you so that you can continue stroking.
  • A dog may lick your hands if it thinks your hands are not clean. He will try to remove dirt and things that he finds unsightly.
  • You may have had lunch or dinner recently and your dog still smells like food. He will lick his hands after eating something delicious.
  • The dog needs a few scratches if it starts licking your hands for no reason. Pet him and scratch his belly and neck for a while to prevent him from licking.

What is the cause of excessive licking?

Why does my dog ​​lick my hands? [Answered in 2022] (4)

Some dogs can't control it and some dogs lick excessively for certain reasons. Your dog may lick excessively for one of the following reasons:

the animal is afraid

Different creatures develop different habits to calm their fears and feel good. Most dogs lick excessively when they are scared and cannot stop. This usually happens to dogs that are left alone for many hours.

Do you leave your pet at home when you leave home for work? This can greatly affect your dog's behavior. The pet will have no one to communicate with and will have nothing to do all day.

People lock animals in their apartments and houses to prevent physical harm. This action causes psychological problems and some animals even become aggressive. Excessive licking is often due to anxiety caused by loneliness. You should find a pet sitter or doggy daycare so your pet can socialize while you're gone.

your pet is hungry

A dog can easily go a day without eating. Animals living in the wild often do not get enough food to satisfy their thirst, but they survive. This is different with pets, as they are constantly being fed tasty foods to keep them full.

Suppose you forgot to put food in your pet's bowl and it stays there most of the dayWithout foodhe's getting pretty hungry anyway. The dog will be happy when you come back and he will lick your paws and hands asking for food.

The dog will lick excessively until you put food in his bowl. Otherwise, the animal will become restless and may bark aggressively in search of food. Therefore, understand your pet's needs and feed him when he is hungry.

Your dog needs a quiet place

Dogs love to be hugged, scratched, and kissed by their parents. It's still kind of fun if done in moderation. The dog will be upset if you hug and hug him.

Even animals need some space. They can't sit in one place to please you! They need to stretch, play, and do things they enjoy. If your pet licks you and walks away, don't hold it back. The dog will lick excessively if you don't give him space!

final thoughts

Well-trained dogs don't do things that annoy people. Licking is one of those annoying things that most people don't like. You know the possible causes of licking and now you can handle the situation much better.

Find the cause of the licking and react accordingly. Continue to train your pet to ensure that it responds to your commands. He will stop licking if you teach him to stop and stay. Dogs always try to please their parents and do their best not to bother you.

So don't be upset if your pet licks excessively. Please understand the reason for this promotion and treat your dog with love!

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