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You pull your hair out and find the answer to "why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden?" Indeed, sometimes we are very worried when our domesticated dog suddenly urinates inside because we don't know what is going on with all the training and if there is something wrong with our beloved pet.

3 reasons why your dog is suddenly urinating at home

In dogs, indoor urination, sometimes called "inappropriate urination" by experts, is a fairly common problem. In most cases, however, this is not a long-term problem, as owners tend to pick up this habit during potty training.

Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (1)

If the animal is still a puppy, the situation may persist due to incomplete potty training. In fact, potty training is a process, so it usually takes some time. Also, it's not a one-time class: you have to follow the instructions one by one.

If your dog was properly housebroken and the inappropriate urination started after potty training, there are several possible explanations for the action.

medical problems

Any time a successfully trained dog starts to urinate or defecate around the house, the first step is to check for possible health issues.

problems with the urinary tract

A UTI could be the reason why your pet is urinating around the house (or other undesirable places) out of nowhere. This condition is one of the most common causes of insufficient urine and the most well-known medical problem in dogs.

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Before you feel irritated with your pet, take him to the vet for a checkup and consultation. Your vet is more likely to ask for a urine sample from your dog for aurine analysisand possibly a urine culture.

This procedure examines the urine for pathogens and unusual cells. If your vet determines your dog has a UTI, the next step is to start antibiotics.

Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (2)

Your veterinarian can also detect some urinary tract conditions with this test: cystitis (cystitis), crystals in the urine, bladder stones, unusual developments, and even malignant tumors. And just like UTIs, these issues can also lead to sudden urination around the house.

You can often resolve these urinary problems with medication, supplements, and (or) dietary changes. In more severe cases such as B. Bladder stones, but surgery may be required.

If your vet doesn't find any urinary issues, the next thing to do is look for several possible medical issues.

incontinence and health problems

Incontinence is one of the most common causes of your pet intermittently oozing or dripping while sleeping, or leaving urine stains on your couch or carpet. While this urine leakage is commonly associated with older dogs, a dog can also experience incontinence at a young age.

If your pet has an incontinence-related problem, it's important to understand that he doesn't know what's going on and therefore can't control his actions. Fortunately, sometimes medication can be the solution for treating incontinence.

Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (3)

On the other hand, if your pet intentionally urinates in unwanted places, it's usually not incontinence. To find out the reason for his behavior, take him to the vet.

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Numerous diseases, including kidney dysfunction, diabetes andCushing's Syndrome, can lead to urinary problems. Based on your pet's accompanying signs, the veterinarian may prescribe additional screening procedures to rule out one or more diseases (if present). Treatments vary by assessment.

Bladder infection (cystitis)

Cystitis can be the result of a number of illnesses and circumstances. Bacterial infestation is perhaps the most common trigger for cystitis in dogs. Bladder stones, malignant tumors, bladder abnormalities and faulty anatomy are also typical reasons (especially in female dogs).

Puppies suffering from cystitis may hunker down and struggle for a few minutes to urinate a little (known as dysuria) or they may urinate more frequently than normal (known as pollakiuria). However, most dog owners report that their dog regularly squats down and leaks small amounts of urine in various places.

Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (4)

The solution largely depends on the underlying etiology. In most cases, antibiotics are a standard treatment to treat bacterial infections. Sometimes surgery is needed to completely remove bladder stones, while in less severe cases these stones can be removed with restrictive diet plans.

elderly dogs

Puppies can still suffer from incontinence during potty training, but age can lead to other reasons for urine leakage. For example, house grime can develop in older dogs due to dementia or senility. These dogs may have forgotten their ways to go to the bathroom or simply forgotten where to stand.

Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (5)

In less severe cases, you can easily treat dementia and senility with medication and supplements. However, most owners who live with older dogs who suffer from urinary problems choose to use dog diapers or treat pet beds and other high-traffic areas with pads.

On the flip side, older dogs are also more likely to have a number of health issues, including kidney failure, another reason for accidental discharges. In this situation, it is better to visit the veterinarian early and often.

behavioral problems

Once your vet has resolved all medical concerns, it's likely that you and your pet are dealing with a behavioral disorder.

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For example, some canines, particularly males, show marking tendencies. Male hormones often trigger marks, but they can become a pattern and persist even after hormone levels become routine.

Another possibility is that your dog is urinating out of submission or excitement. In detail, this situation can arise when your dog is afraid of someone or something.

Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (6)

Many puppies will sometimes urinate when someone stands over them and looks down, especially if the animal is immature or scared. Dogs may also urinate inappropriately when they are worried or excited.

Check the environment to see if there is anything nearby that could cause the animal to exhibit this behavior.

Have you just introduced a new animal into your home? Does another person come to your house, for example an acquaintance or relative? Has a family member recently moved or passed away? As a rule, pets react very well to external changes.

Your pet may also be concerned about an external event that could be causing inappropriate urination. Perhaps your pet sees another animal, or notices a noisy construction site nearby, or sees something more disturbing.

How to stop a dog from urinating at home

Whichever solution you choose, don't walk away and leave your pet behind. You will survive everything! Of course you can seek professional help. In the meantime, be kind to your pet and try one or more simple measures to help the dog with his problem.

retrain your dog

Since your dog is likely to have been potty trained beforehand, it can be beneficial to read the instructions.

You can also try increasing your bathroom breaks. Take your pet outside to unload immediately after drinking, feeding or getting out of bed. Praise your pet for urinating in appropriate outdoor areas.

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Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (7)

When you are not teaching your dog or actively participating in activities with him, secure him with a six-foot leash near you or on a nearby sofa. Look for clues that your dog wants to pee.

Most of the signs are obvious, such as barking or scratching at the door, crouching, fidgeting, sniffing, or walking in circles. If you notice these symptoms, remove the collar immediately.

Recognize surrounding triggers

Determine if there is a cue or stimulus in your pet's environment that is causing him to urinate. So, if possible, remove the stimulus, train your pet to deal with it, or change whatever factors might help reduce your pet's stress.

Avoiding sources of anxiety, such as hostile dogs on the street or on construction sites, is one way. If there is noise outside, stream soft music or use a noise canceling device indoors.

Do not physically punish your dog or yell at him.

Do not yell or scold your pet for peeing in the house. This aggressive behavior tends to backfire. So, instead of understanding that urinating indoors is inappropriate behavior, your dog may think that their owners are untrustworthy or dangerous.

Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden? (3 common reasons) – SiSi dog (8)

If you discipline your pet forcefully, it can make him afraid to urinate in front of you (even outdoors), which can lead to more internal meltdowns.

Clean up your accidents properly

Get rid of accidental urination ASAP with an enzymatic cleaner that eliminates odors. You don't want the dog to smell your urine and assume that the indoor environment is his territory and that it's okay for him to urinate there after all.

Seek professional help

If you've done all of these and nothing is helping your pet's situation, try hiring a personal trainer or cognitive-behavioral therapist for a quick assessment or as many appointments as needed.

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Now you know the answer to your question: "Why is my dog ​​peeing in the house all of a sudden?" While this is annoying behavior, your care and attention is all your dog needs to get over the situation.

As mentioned above, there are many underlying causes of inappropriate urination. So consult your veterinarian first. Lots of luck!


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